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10 Best Kitchen Gadgets For Easier Meal Prep

Meal prepping has gained popularity in the last 6-8 years. Considering that it saves a lot of time, especially during the working days, meal prep has become a norm in today’s modern lifestyle. For having a good experience with meal prepping and to enjoy it, having an organized kitchen is key. An organized kitchen not only helps in saving time but it also gives a unique character to the kitchen area, which in turn compliments your home. Having an organized kitchen starts with unique kitchen tools which are useful.

Out of the many cool kitchen gadgets available today, we have selected these top 10 unique kitchen tools which will make your kitchen organized.

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1. McCook Knife Set

This knife set is a 15 pc knife set that comes with a built-in sharpener. Although it also has the option to buy the 20 pc set. The McCook knife set comes in silver/black colors and is a must have kitchen tool.

2. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

This organic bamboo cutting board has a 3-set piece; small, medium, and large. It is great for cutting vegetables or meat. Made of bamboo wood with a rectangular shape. It looks great and can be a good fit for the kitchen.

3. Stainless Steel Colander Set

Colanders are a must have for any kitchen. All the fresh produce that we buy in the supermarket is full of harmful germs and needs to be washed thoroughly. Colanders come in handy for washing, rinsing, and draining the fresh produce. Here’s a set of 3 colanders of different sizes.

4. Food Scale

Food scales are another must haves for measuring macros. This one is of stainless steel, and has different settings to measure in ounces or grams. This food measuring scale can be a great addition to your kitchen and for your meal preps.

5. Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable slicer has been a boon to a lot of people like me who don’t like spending too much time cutting/slicing some vegetables. This vegetable slicer is multi-use with 6 interchangeable blades, and is easy to use.

6. Peeler Set

A peeler is just that, a peeler. You can use it to peel off the skin of any fruit/vegetable of your choice, the most common ones being ginger and potatoes that need the most peeling. This is a 3-piece set which is comfy to use since it has a grip for holding. Do check it out.

7. Grater

Depending on its use, there are different kinds of graters that are available on the market. The one listed here is a hand held lemon zest grater. A definite must have to grate some cheese on top of your meals or just get some lemon zest.

8. Salad Chopper

A salad chopper is another must have if you make lot of salads in your meal preps. This one is a stainless steel chopper and comes with blade protectors so it is safe to use.

9. Ziplock Bag Holder

These baggy rack holders are very handy for marinating meat. You can use these to hold your ziplock bags. It is height adjustable, hands free, saves space, and saves a lot of time.

10. Mini Food Processor

This is a 24-ounce, 3-cup, mini food processor from Cuisinart which is another must have for your kitchen if you’re into meal preps. It quickly chops and grinds with its stainless steel blades. What more? It is a mini food processor so will not take much space either.