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The Top 6 Beach Essentials For Your Next Beach Trip

All the beach babies this post is for you! We present to you the best products for your next beach trip this summer, that we consider as a must haves to have that perfect beach day.

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1. Waterproof Canvas Beach Bag

A beautiful waterproof canvas beach bag is a must have for your beach day. Skip the worry of your stuff getting wet and get this waterproof bag now which is great for gym and travel as well.

2. Microfiber Beach Towel

This is not your regular bulky cotton towel. This is a fast drying microfiber towel, which is sand resistant and comes in different colors for you to choose from. It will go great with you on your next beach trip or your even your day at the pool. Available in different colors and sizes.

3. Sandproof Beach Blanket

Who would not like a sand proof beach blanket on which you can just relax and enjoy the sun. This is a lightweight mat with quick drying ability, perfect for your family.

4. Beach Chair

What better beach chair than a comfy, easy to carry, and convenient one which has a built-in towel bar. It also has smooth wooden armrests which prevents scratching.

5. Beach Umbrella

An umbrella is definitely a must have for your beach trip. The sun is so strong during the summertime that it can get you skin burns. This umbrella has 7ft arc length with a 6.5ft diameter which is enough to provide shade to 2 people. It is heavy duty wind proof and is lightweight.

6. Beach Chair And Umbrella Set

You can get both the beach chair and umbrella together as well. This particular one is made from water resistant material, has large mesh panel which is ideal for water and beach activity. It comes as a chair and umbrella set, with UPF 50+ shade coverage.